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Heads up: PC downtime on June 12th

The PC / Mac edition has essential maintenance planned!

On June 12th, the PC / Mac Edition will undergo some essential downtime so we can upgrade our systems. Don't be sad! Everything will be fine!

(Update: we changed the date from the 7th to the 12th.)

Most systems related to the PC edition of Minecraft and will be unavailable - but for hopefully no more than a couple of hours. will still be functional, but the store pages and account-functionality will also be unavailable. We don't do this to ruin your day (honest!), it's just important that we make sure our systems our up-to-date and reliable for our users. Again, only on the 12th of June and only for a little while!

Console, Pocket and Windows 10 players shouldn't experience any downtime. Everyone else, apologies for the inconvenience! We'll issue a reminder nearer to the time, and update this article if the date changes - but for regular updates, follow the fantastic folks at @MojangStatus on Twitter by clicking here.

We'll let you know the moment everything is back to normal.

Announcement over - we'll let you get back to crafting!

Tom Stone
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Tom Stone

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