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Another year, another greeting!

Time flies when you’re having fun, which is quite unfair when you think about it. I can’t even get my damaged elytra wings to glide, and time gets to fly simply by people having fun? I won’t have it! I'll make sure I’m really bored next year. Muhahaha, take that, time! 

But maybe there’s a point to it? 2021 won’t exactly go down as humanity’s top three favorite years of the century, as many saw themselves stuck at home fighting a nasty, resilient pandemic. Hopefully, there were plenty of adventures to keep us all occupied and make this year go by faster than a Minecraft boat on ice. I know that Minecraft had a few of them! 

In Minecraft Dungeons, we dove headfirst into challenges and fought new enemies in Flames of the Nether, Echoing Void, and Cloudy Climb. In good ol’ regular Minecraft, we finally got to spelunk lush caves and make friends with adorable axolotls in the Caves & Cliffs Update. Well, maybe you made friends with axolotls – I’m still searching high and low for a brave buddy to take on an ocean monument with! After all, those elder guardian lasers won’t block themselves! 

Flying or not – with the year finally coming to a close, we here at Minecraft.net want to make sure we end it with a bang and share a collection of hearty hellos and well-wishes! We have many writers queued up and first out is Sofia Dankis, our resident bringer of happiness! 

Things are getting festive so I would like to remind you all that just as there is no wrong way to play Minecraft, there is no wrong way to celebrate the holidays. Unless you dig and or celebrate straight down. But why would you, when you could host a snowball fight for your friends and local goats instead. Or cook a big meal with all the trimmings – potatoes, pork chops, and pumpkin pie. Suspicious stew and spider eyes for chefs that prefer more adventurously alliterative menu. How will I be celebrating? With all of the above, of course! Including digging straight down. Don’t judge me, lava is my color!

Sofia Dankis

Given the amount of powder snow I’ve been swimming in recently, a nice warm lava bath doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Remind me to craft some much-needed leather boots after my 1,250 degrees swim. Our next greeting comes from Sophie, Minecraft.net’s newest pen. What do you think of the holidays, Sophie? 

Ah, the holidays. That time of year where I start (and lose) my personal war against ice, when I bring in my pet llama Luna in from the cold and where the snowfall in my Overworld base starts looking really quite festive. I’m a new writer here, and my Nanna taught me long ago that one way to make new friends is to bake cookies. Unfortunately I’m not a great baker, so I made this for you instead! Here is my ‘gingerbread’ house dedicated to YOU. Yes, you! Happy holidays. And-- no, Luna! Don’t eat that! It’s a gift!

Sophie Austin

Luna sounds adorable! Llamas sure are gifts that keep on giving. Or was it spitting? I never seem to get that right. Someone who also seems to have Minecraft plans of her own is Cristina! 

Once again, ’tis the season I enjoy most from behind a window – the more panes the better. As I’m writing this, the low Swedish winter sun is shining, and tiny snowflakes are zigzagging chaotically in the air. Much like my arms whenever I try to bust a move. And while I won’t be able to delight my family with my dance moves this year (I’m sure they’re devastated), I’m still looking forward to opening/giving gifts, showing off my tree in video calls, and then retreating to Minecraft to build a mountaintop cabin. I hope you all celebrate the season, whether it’s spending time with loved ones in person or on a call, treating yourself to a nice gift, or simply taking some time to recharge before you welcome the new year. Happy holidays, Minecrafters! 

Cristina Anderca

I for one will retreat to my mountaintop dirt house, where I will be spending time with my fictive axolotl friend drinking warm chocolate from homegrown cocoa I wish I had planted in a warmer biome. I guess cocoa seeds will have to suffice for this year’s brew.

Our next greeting comes from Oskar Thysell, our Java Realms maestro who, every month, brings us updates on the latest playable maps!

It's the holidaze! My friends know me as the most annoyingly festive person they know – if I lived during the Roman times, my name would be Festivus Maximus. I want everything holiday-themed: my music, my food, my colleagues' workplace attire (Per, you got some stepping up to do), and my yearly goal is always to see how many gingerbread cookies I can eat without major damage to my health. Wishing the same for you! Err.. you know what I mean. Happy holidays y'all!

Oskar Thysell

The nerve! I don't see what's wrong with my 15-year-old rugged black t-shirt? Never change a winning concept, that's what I say! Last out is Minecraft.net’s very own historian, Duncan Geere. 

Happy holidays, readers! I hope you've had a wonderful year, and you've got plenty of gaming time scheduled for the holidays. There's a whole new world generation to explore in the latest update, after all. It's always a real pleasure writing Taking Inventory, Block of the Week, and Around the Block. My favourite part of each article is using Minecraft to learn more about our less-blocky real world. This year we learnt that there are real creatures made of slime, that flower pots were invented more than 10,000 years ago, and that there are 75 different kinds of real-world mushroom that glow in the dark. Who knows what we'll learn in 2022?

Duncan Geere

Learn? I “read” Taking Inventory for the pretty pictures, Duncan! The only thing I’ll commit to is my promise to keep on rambling without any sense of inner monologue – just as I always have. I can already tell that 2022 is going to be amazing! 

From all of us at Minecraft.net, we hope you'll have fantastic finale to 2021 and that we’ll be seeing you again in the year 2022. Make sure not to have too much fun, or it’ll feel like you’re back here before you know it. 

Happy holidays and happy Minecrafting! 

Per Landin
Written By
Per Landin