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So much of what Minecraft is comes down to what you, the community, make. Over the last six months we’ve written stories about your monolithic megabuilds, your mini-games, your music videos, mapping projects, models, metaphors, modified mobs, medievalism, myth, masterworks, minor marvels and loads more things that stubbornly refuse to begin with ‘m’.

But we don’t have eyes everywhere. That would be gross.

It’s also where you come in! Maybe you know of a supercool building project that’s gone under the radar. Maybe you’re part of a secretive subculture, obsessed with playing Minecraft in one particularly eccentric way. Maybe you’ve engineered an insane contraption or the ultimate rollercoaster - let us know. Cool skins, swishy add-ons, custom games, weird spawns, cottage gardens, flying castles, projects little or large, we’re interested in them all. We can’t promise to write about each and every one, but we’d like to take a look.

So if you think there’s something you’d like to read about right here on drop us an email at IMPORTANT - Please don't use that email if you're having trouble logging into the game! For issues like that, click here.

Thanks for playing, building and being generally brilliant!

Written By
Marsh Davies