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Godzilla takes on the blocky world of Minecraft

Godzilla stomps into Minecraft

Make way for the King of Monsters!

This is not a drill! I repeat. This is not a drill! The King of Monsters has awakened and is ready to wreak havoc in Minecraft. With four adventures based on the iconic movies, this Godzilla DLC by the Japanese studio Team-KYO and Impress is not holding back.

So put the popcorn down and prepare to run for your life. The time has come to release the monster!

Like our fondest Godzilla memories, this DLC also begins in a movie theater. Only this one is covered in iconic memorabilia, and you can do more than watch the films! Check out the rich history of Godzilla, then grab your friends for the multiplayer quests, and let’s head to the screening rooms!

Four adventures. Four gameplay modes. All available in multiplayer.

In the screening rooms, you find four adventures based on the many iconic Godzilla films. All are wildly different from each other but have a few things in common – they are rampant, they are relentless, and they are all multiplayer-ready!

Kick your adrenaline into gear as one of the citizens fleeing from Godzilla in this first escape mission. Run through the city as you dodge Godzilla’s heat rays and try locating provisions along the way. Good news for all the antiheroes out there – rescuing others is optional! However, it will earn you extra points. :(

Now that your fight or flight mode has kicked in, you’re needed at the second adventure!

A huge unidentified creature – I wonder who – has landed in a nearby city full of people and is about to stomp it to the ground. So what do we do? What Minecrafters do best: We speed build our way out of this mess! Quickly create a wall around Godzilla to contain his destruction and save the city. If you succeed, there is plenty to discover and collect in this town so start exploring. And for the most daring of players, why not confront the giant creature you just captured?

Two epic quests done, and two more to go! What those are, however, will remain a surprise. We don't want to ruin the plot twists now, do we? But let's just say that if you like getting up close with other ginormous monsters and/or being the one to destroy everything in your path, you are going to love this.

The Godzilla DLC is out now! So stampede your way over to Minecraft Marketplace and start this rager of a game today. And for the love of Godzilla, don’t forget the free Character Creator item in the dressing room! Long live the King of Monsters!


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