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Goats and powder snow now in Bedrock Beta

Charging into your Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, and Android device!

Take cover behind a block, equip a full set of protective Netherite armor, and grab all the emergency elytras you can spare! Yes, I’m panicking, and you will be too when you find out what this post is about. Not convinced? Then keep on reading and tremble in excitement/despair as we introduce you to a new Bedrock Beta, containing the most mischievous mob in the history of Minecraft – the goat.

You read it correctly: Goats are jumping, bouncing, and charging into our first Caves & Cliffs-themed Bedrock Beta. These cliff-climbing creatures can be found spawning in extreme hills biomes doing… whatever goats do in their spare time. Besides the occasional erratic jump, they also love to spontaneously ram any mountain hiker they get close to, sending them flying down the very mountain they just climbed. It’s not that these goats are hostile, just a bit passive-aggressive – I can relate, not having had my breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, or dinner coffee yet!

Now, goats aren't the only reason why you should think twice about traversing the mountainside. Powder snow – our snowiest snow since sliced snow – is also making an anticipated appearance. This porous block ignores fall damage, but mind your step or you will find yourself sinking right through it, greatly limiting your mobility. You could also wear a pair of leather boots, which will allow you to walk on powder snow blocks without sinking into one. But since I already recommended wearing Netherite armor, I feel that would be counterproductive.

Join the beta today

A Minecraft beta is a fun way to get early access to new features we haven’t yet released, and help us test them in order to improve them. Goats and powder snow are no exception, and we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this early iteration, which you can submit at our feedback site. If you’re interested in joining the beta (available in Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android versions) then check out our guide to learn how.

In this particular beta, we’re also adding an updated version of our experimental features toggle. This has to be enabled in order to try out our goat-acular content. Simply scroll down to “Experiments” and select “Caves & Cliffs” when creating a new world. If you already have a world you’d like to try it on, then choose “Edit” instead, scroll down to “Experiments, and select “Caves & Cliffs”. As always, we strongly recommend making a copy of your world before you try it out, as betas tend to make them incompatible with future versions. In case you encounter a bug, please report it using our Issue Tracker.

For more information on the beta, head over to our complete changelog for a complete list of details. Experiment away and watch out for charging goats!

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