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Glide Beast Track Pack lands today!

Three new soar-some DLC maps swoop onto console!

There are two types of people in this world. Type 1: people who've played our awesome Glide Mini Game for Minecraft Console Edition, and Type 2: people who have never known true gaming love.

Okay, maybe that's overstating the case, but why not avoid the risk of eternal heartbreak by checking out the Beast Track Pack soaring onto Console Edition stores today? (Psst! unfamiliar with Glide? Then click here for a full run down on the aeronautical Mini Game). As for the theme of the three maps contained in this DLC track pack - we hope you like monsters! Don't like monsters? Well that'll encourage you to fly away from them faster then, won't it? It'll do wonders for your scoreboard placement. Everybody wins!

Here's a quick peek at each new map, along with some insights from David Keningale, the talented art director at 4J who helped bring them to the game. Start planning your perfect route now!


"We've got sea monsters slithering about all through the level," explains David. "You can see them sneaking out from bits of the map to take a look at you, and as time goes on, they build up in scale, until you burst out into a huge open area with two battling ships and a giant, giant kraken that you fly right up and over."

That's the kind of epic feat you'll be bragging about to your non-Glide playing friends for months. "Pics or it didn't happen," they'll sneer, struggling to hide how Kraken-shades-of-green with envy they are of your mad Elytra skillz.


Still, even the mighty Kraken may burst into tears and slither away screaming at the sight of the star of the next track. "We’ve turned down the temperature a bit," says David. "It’s using the Ice Spikes biome as an inspiration, and as you'll have guessed from the name, the track is home to the shaggy, shambling beasts of myth - the Yeti!"

Even Elytra masters will find tough trials in this chilly snowscape. "We’ve got lots of Yetis running through the map and giant fossils for you to avoid and to fly through. It’s quite an exciting glacial-type environment."


Brrrr! Fancy warming up after such a chilling map? Luckily, the final one stars a creature famed for fiery breath - maybe it'll thaw you out if you ask nicely?

"So our final map in the set is based around Chinese Mythology and uses our texture pack of the same name," explains David. "You’ll be flying alongside mighty dragons and soaring over and around a fantastic, epic terrain inspired by Chinese legend."

The perfect location for some Glide action! Chinese New Year? More like Chinese Flew Year. Ha ha ha! Send your Tom hate mail to the usual address.

Then check out these new Glide maps for yourself, available on Console Edition now! Have a look at some more swishy split-screen shots below.

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