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A photo of the official guide to Minecraft Legends sitting on a shelf alongside other Minecraft books and board games.

Get your guide to Minecraft Legends!

Read your way to victory

In Minecraft Legends, you’ll need all sorts of tools to unite the Overworld and send those pesky piglins back to the Nether where they belong. The Legendary Lute inspires your allay companions, telling them which resources to gather and structures to build. The Banner of Courage directs your allies on the battlefield, helping to push the piglins back. And now there’s a real world item that can help you out too – the Minecraft Legends: A Hero's Guide to Saving the Overworld book!

The guide contains everything you need to know to successfully defeat the piglins. It’s packed full of hints and tricks, from information about the magnificent mounts that will take you across the Overworld to the details on each of the three piglin hordes. Want to know which structures are best to build where, or how to use your allied mobs effectively? We’ve got you covered! Not sure how to approach the terrifying piglin bosses? It’s got all the tips you’ll need! 
So what are you waiting for? Assemble your allies, raise your banner, and get to reading!

Jay Castello
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Jay Castello

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