Get Story Mode Season 2 Episode 3!

‘Jailhouse Block’ is available for download today!

Sound the alarm! Story Mode Season 2 Episode 3 has broken confinement, eluded the guards, become best buds with the attack dogs and snipped through the perimeter fence. The latest reports suggest it’s making its way to a DIGITAL RELEASE right now - so keep your doors locked and your devices turned off if you want to avoid tangling with Telltale’s latest caper!

Alternatively, maybe you are rather keen to see how things have shaken down for Jesse and the gang since taking on the trials of the Admin - an ancient and apparently demented being - in episode 2. The reward for their heroism? A spell in the Sunshine Institute - a subterranean correctional facility surrounded by a deadly maze, patrolled by remixed mobs and the Admin’s brainwashed lackeys. Suddenly the overabundance of laboured prison metaphors in the opening paragraph of this article make sense!

Will Jesse play nice and work her way up the hierarchy or play the rebel and incite a riot? Which allies will Jesse seek in this inhospitable place? And which compromises and sacrifices will she make to escape? As with all Telltale games - YOU decide!

In related Story Mode news: the retail disc version of Season 2 is now available in North American stores - PS4 and Xbox One only at the moment, with Xbox 360 and a full European release following along shortly. And talking of Europe, the first episode of the season is now available with German, Spanish and French voice actors! Not all at the same time, though. That'd be POLYGLOT CHAOS.

Anyway, watch the trailer for Episode 3 above, or head over to Telltale’s site to find out more!

Written by
Marsh Davies