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Frozen in Minecraft

Available now in the Minecraft Marketplace!

We’re going to Arendelle! Before you start packing your dramatic caped gowns and gloves, this Arendelle is much blockier than you may have remembered. In this world, made by Noxcrew, you’ll be part of all the action and adventure that will make you feel like you’re as much a part of Frozen as Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven! 

Earn rewards by playing mini-games and completing puzzles, then head back to decorate the castle with your friends. All while enjoying some of your favourite Frozen songs, of course. Careful where you play the game though because sing-screaming “For the First Time in Forever” while wearing noise-cancelling headphones on a public bus is generally frowned upon. Not that I would know from experience. You try and listen to that song without singing along! It’s harder than you think! 

Don’t forget to pick up this one-of-a-kind Frozen adventure, now in the Minecraft Marketplace! Hoo-hoo!

Written By
Kelsey Howard

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