Free Climate Futures Map

Minecraft challenges you to take on climate change!

Climate Futures is a free DLC created by the Minecraft: Education Edition team. Players take a journey through time, viewing the effects of deforestation and finding solutions for a more sustainable future. It is available for free in Minecraft Marketplace.

Talk to construction workers, scientists from the future, and even forest animals to learn about climate change. Create new blocks from recycled materials and build solutions to make a change for the better!

This learning experience is designed to educate youth on sustainable forestry and climate change, and how their actions can have an impact on improving the future of our planet. Climate change is impacting every habitat and industry on the planet. In this immersive world from Minecraft: Education Edition, students can explore the effects of climate change on local economies, ecosystems, and communities through a meaningful set of stories based on real-world events.

Here are examples of how you can explore the effects of climate change with this new map:

·       Experience how a forest changes over 100 years and the impact of deforestation and build a sustainable tree farm.

·       Learn about the effects of modern transportation and fossil fuels on the climate by exploring different modes of transportation throughout history.

·       Trace an agricultural supply chain from planting wheat to bread on the dinner table to understand food production and its impact on climate change.

Players start by meeting a journalist named Emily. She’s reporting on climate change! Together you’ll travel to a timber farm, wheat field, and public park. Talk to workers, scientists, and citizens taking action while learning how climate change is impacting their lives and livelihoods. Throughout your journey, explore real-world stories of climate resilience and innovation while building a deeper understanding of our climate.

From there, players can design in-game solutions that can help the local community adapt to climate change and can support healing our ecosystems.

Additional Climate Futures worlds exclusive to Minecraft: Education Edition are set to release in time for Back to School. Stay tuned for more exciting ways to learn and take action with your learners!

Kristina Horner
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Kristina Horner