Free Character Creator Items

Fun free fashion for fall!

Pose! Pose! Pose! No, I am not inviting you to a blocky game of Red Light, Green Light. On the contrary, it is all systems go because a bunch of free Character Creator Items are dropping in the dressing room! 

With different tops, bottoms, outerwear, gloves, accessories, and footwear at your disposal, there are oodles of different outfits for you to mix, match, and remix! Maybe you’re in the mood for a pink blouse, chain bracelets, and creeper face mask? Or perhaps today has more of a ragged scarf and brown boots vibe. 

So how do you get your paws into a new set of simple gloves and more? Well, you need to be playing on Bedrock Edition and then all that is left is a trip to the Character Creator dressing room! The free items will be available until November 9, 2023 but there is no reason to wait when a fashionable montage is just around the corner. Now only one question remains – does this neutral top match my eyes? 

Sofia Dankis
Written By
Sofia Dankis