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Five Interior Builds You Might Have Missed!

A quintet of quintessential builds!

The question I've been asked the most, ever since I started writing for, is “do you ever worry you'll run out of cool builds to write about?”

HA! Nope! In fact the exact opposite is the real problem – there's just too much great Minecraft stuff to cover! Even with Emily working 23 hours a day, Marsh writing 600,000 words a minute and me pretending to work hard too, we simply can't cover every build.

That's why we're introducing Five You May Have Missed! A new series where we cover five recent examples of a certain type of build that have blown us away. This week, it's Interiors!

What will it be next time? Well, that all depends on what you brilliant builders come up with next! How about cakes? Tom like cakes.

Ivystone - Nearly fully furnished brick house

by LightlySaltedBuilder

TOM: Nearly fully furnished? This place is far more furnished than the dump I live in. I don't even have a bed, just a pile of rusty springs I tearfully try to sleep on every night. Anyway, LightlySaltedBuilder's house has much more going on!

The dining room, garage, multiple bedrooms, rec room and basement are far from empty sets. Inside, you'll find a pool table, jacuzzi, ping-pong table and a blocktacularly bizzarre Minecraft racecar. Yet despite all the potentially excessive toys and games, Ivystone still feels cosy and homely – impressive stuff indeed!

French Country Style Log Cabin

by Se1fD3struct1on

EMILY: I’ve been planning on vacationing to the South of France for what feels like forever, but it’s hard to find a place with everything I need. Like five bedrooms, all just for me. Or a giant cinema in the basement, so I can watch footage of Marsh and Tom slaving away writing without me. Mwuhahaha!

Thankfully, astute builder Se1fD3struct1on knows exactly what every vacationer is after and has included these things and way, way more. The French Country Style Log Cabin is enormous, with dozens of beautiful rooms, each unique but stylish. Somehow, though, it stills feels incredibly cosy. I can imagine nothing better than relaxing in front of the outdoor firepit and pondering which bedroom I’ll take next.

Alpine Chalet

by Biof429

EMILY: If you have the good fortune not to live in a country with snow every yuletide, then you might just think that it’s nice to have that traditional slip-over-and-fall-on-your-face “Winter Wonderland” weather over a festive holiday in the French alps.

And you know what? You might be right! If you decide to venture to this particular “Châlet Alpin” by Biof429. The build is a small but snug winter retreat that even comes with a Christmas tree and presents. Aww, you’re too kind, Biof! The small attic bedrooms may look a little cramped, but turning in for the night in such a warm den will be the best thing on Earth after a day in the frozen hills. And look at that warm bath! I’ll never go outside again.

Modern Office Building

by MCReples

TOM: Let's leave the lovely cabins for a moment and head into the city for this awesome skyscraper build! We see tons of great skyscrapers (and a lot of them are from MCReples), but it's the detailed interior that really makes this one stand out.

There's clearly been a real effort from the creator to envision how this could work as an actual office space for people to work in. Maybe we could get him to give Mojang HQ a makeover? I'd certainly like a nice potted plant on my desk! Instead of the dead stinging nettles Emily keeps leaving as 'gifts' for me from her constant holidays to France : (

Traditional House - Cottage style

by SRVDkamp

EMILY: This secluded little house, by SRVDkamp, is the perfect home for the lone adventurer. After a long day of mining and fighting back skeletons, there’s nothing like a relaxing evening all to yourself. Enjoy a peaceful dinner of fish caught from the little wooden jetty that juts out into the lake.

Hang your tools in the closet. Recline in your comfiest armchair and gaze out through the beautiful arched windows as the sun falls and the moon rises. And, well, as the skeletons and spiders scuttle past the porch. Eeek!

Still, it’s a nice house!

Got a build you think we should cover in Five You Might Have Missed? Email with the subject line 'FIVE'. Good luck!

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