Farmer's Market

Builders & Biomes gets an expansion!

Have you ever tried growing your own crops? It’s deceptively tricky. You might be thinking “How hard can it be to just water some plants?” – but after only managing to grow a single cherry tomato from two plants in seven months, believe me when I say that it takes much more. What, exactly? Beets me. The good news is that my diet consisting exclusively of canned foods is about to change because the farmer’s market is open! Wait, it’s not an actual market? *fishes can opener out of trash*

The first expansion to your favorite blocky board game is here! Say “Hrmm!” to Minecraft Builders & Biomes: Farmer’s Market! This agrarian addition lets you grow crops, use them to trade with villagers, and secure unique items with powerful abilities to create the winning biome! This pack includes a new marketplace board, 16 building tiles, 18 item tiles, four farmland structures, 32 vegetable tokens, six farm-themed skins, and more.

The best part? You can grow crops without getting your hands dirty or handling manure – these babies only require brain power. So please don’t try to water your farmland pieces like I did. You’ll only get reprimanded for “destroying an expensive prototype” – but how expensive can it be if it’s not waterproof?

Leaving the incident that almost got me fired aside, I’m also supposed to let you know that Builders & Biomes: Farmer’s Market is available in selected stores in Europe starting October 1 (yes, it’s already out!), and worldwide on October 15 (only two days to go!). 

A skin-tacular bonus

Remember when I mentioned that this expansion comes with six skins? Well, you got another surprise coming, because they will also be available for free in digital format! Created by six artists from various teams across our Stockholm and Redmond studios, these skins will allow you to live your best farmer life in game as well. Download all six skins (and three alternates) by going to the Minecraft Marketplace or get them for the Java Edition by clicking the big button below:

Ready to wow your family and friend bubble with your farming prowess? Grab your 100% manure-free copy of the expansion and show them how it’s done.

Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca