Exploring Minecraft with RTX

Minecraft builds seen in a new light

You’ve probably already heard about the RTX beta for Windows 10 that was unlocked just a few months ago, right? You haven’t? Feel free to go catch up, we’ll wait!

Since the beta’s release, the community has been hard at work making stunning new creations and projects (like this one from Michaelis972), as well as giving some older projects a fresh new look.

Our first featured builder is VicenteProD. He has been working on photorealistic textures for Minecraft with RTX and recently decided to compile them into a 4K video to show off the possibilities. Another creator, MC-Aztter, has also made a trailer demonstrating their latest work upgraded with path-traced ray tracing.

Do you like castles? If so, these next two builders have got you covered. They both jumped right in to show the rest of the community how existing creations would look with a RTX vibe.

If that’s too classic for you, then perhaps creator Hiirotwtu16’s converted Maikura City Japanese metropolis world is more to your liking. Java fans may have already heard of this world, as it has over 277,000 downloads in its original form.

Finally, GussDX, a French streamer and part-time ghost hunter, embarked on his project with two goals; the first being to test the capabilities of Minecraft with RTX, and the second, to talk about his unmistakable passion for Minecraft and the paranormal. Did he succeed? Watch the tour of Le Manoir Hanté and decide for yourself!

If you’re interested in creating some Minecraft with RTX content of your own, check out the FAQ and our RTX page for more information. Once you’re ready to dive in, visit worlds from creators including Elysium Fire, Gemini Tay, Blockworks, Razzleberries, Dr_Bond, and others to get some hands on experience and exploration. Once you’ve created something, feel free to send your great piece of art over to FeatureMe@minecraft.net. With a little luck, it’ll get featured in a future community gallery. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Written By
Nova Barlow