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Egyptian mythology Mash-Up

Now available in the Minecraft Marketplace!

Ahhh Ancient Egypt! Perhaps one of the most exceptional civilizations in history, perfect in both art and culture alike.

Architectural wonders like the pyramids, standing tall at the foot of the Nile. Tombs laden with well-crafted traps and angry old mummies deprived of their precious sleep. Plus a plethora of ruthless gods like Anubis, Ra or Set just waiting to judge you in the afterlife. Who wouldn’t want to experience that first hand?

“But Per, how could we ever do that?” you ask. Excellent question, esteemed reader! Thanks to the power of science, incredible imagination and game development we can travel thousands of years back in time to a fictive and slightly exaggerated world of Pharaohs, legendary mobs, and powerful pantheons with the new Egyptian Mythology Mash-Up Pack!

This mash-up pack lets you experience all the mythos and culture the civilisation was known for, thanks to a stylistically crafted texture pack. Journey through the mythic necropolis Valley of the Kings and explore long forgotten graves – all accompanied by an atmospheric soundtrack fit for your adventures in the depths of the desert.

Discover how far you can reach into old vaults before the trap-makers machinations reveal themselves under your very feet. Or get dressed for success with skins of famous Pharaohs, like Ramses II, Akhenaten, or Tutankhamun.

To say that Ancient Egypt is all about evil mummies wanting to eat your brains would be a lie (thanks Mummy movies!), because there’s plenty of other activities to attend to beside the dark dungeons. Take a stroll through the city and temples close to the pyramids and simply enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you explore!

However, with first hand experience of being trapped inside a pyramid, I can promise you that it’s a… thrilling experience. Get it from the marketplace if you dare! Muhahaha!

Per Landin
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Per Landin

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