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A blocky African elephant in the savannah biome.

Earth day and sustainability

Celebrating our planet, one block at a time

Though most Minecraft playthroughs begin in a quiet, tranquil space, lots of players create high-tech cities and complex machinery – some even create cityscapes that dominate the skylines.  


This diversity in building opportunities has allowed us to create maps that mirror our real world and can bring attention to real-world problems including the effects of pollution.

To celebrate Earth Day, we created the free Nature Snap map, lesson plans, and resources to help players and students understand the importance of sustainability. By releasing a selection of content to be enjoyed at home, and to be used by educators, we reached a broad selection of players and helped them see the importance of recycling, energy efficiency, and sustainable water treatment in a fun, engaging way.  


We also donated $100,000 to The Nature Conservancy to support their amazing work in combatting and educating about the effects of climate change.

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