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Dungeons Diaries: Sound

VIDEO: Sounds? In a game? Unheard of!

Ssss! Hrrrm? Heh heh heh – I’ve stolen all of this server’s diamonds! You’re already well acquainted with the sounds of Minecraft. But what about the auditory experience that is Minecraft Dungeons? Hopefully, you don’t have the soundtrack on repeat already, because that means we have a serious security breach and I don’t want to update all my passwords again. I’m running out of variations of ‘jens’. Hold on…’jeb’! Perfect. 

Now that all of our trade secrets are safe and sound, join us on an aural exploration in the fourth episode of our series examining Minecraft Dungeons development! Discover the game’s spoopy sound design and what the villagers would sound like if they formed a choir (spoiler alert: like a block of angels).

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Sofia Dankis
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Sofia Dankis

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