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Dripstone block & sculk sensor in Bedrock Beta

A sound and sensible update!

The darkest, deepest corners of Minecraft are riddled with untold horrors that are waiting to be discovered by brave spelunkers: ancient threats lurking in the shadows, twisting speleothems that create otherworldly formations, and cute, creaking blocks that love to listen to your footsteps as you traverse the underground.  

Wait... what? 

Our first Bedrock beta of the year has arrived, containing two features from the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update: the dripstone block and the sculk sensor. While both are equally important features, the latter is a rather special one; an observant block that pays attention to its surroundings. Neat, I wish I could do that! 

Not only can the sculk sensor detect vibrations up to eight blocks away – it can also emit a redstone signal that correlates to the distance of the sound it registers. Imagine all the things you could use it for! My own mind is devoid of imagination, please send ideas to my dirt block mailbox so I can envision it too!

To reiterate: these features are still work in progress and can only be accessed through the "Experimental Features" toggle on your worlds. Don’t know what a Minecraft beta is? It’s where you can test our upcoming features on our Bedrock-supported platforms (Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android versions) to help us uncover nasty bugs and improve gameplay by giving us valuable feedback. It’s easy to join, so check out our Minecraft beta guide in order to learn more. You can also find more general information about betas on our feedback site!  

We also strongly recommend making a backup copy of your world before you try it out. Betas tend to be a bit unpredictable, which can result in making your world incompatible with future versions. In case you encounter a bug, please report it using our Issue Tracker

For a complete and utterly thorough list of the features included in this beta, head over to our latest changelog. Enjoy the beta and make sure to break bugs and blocks to your heart’s content!

Per Landin
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Per Landin

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