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Decorate Your House With Minecraft

Being an adult is all very nice and good, but decorating a house is never going to be as magical as you want it to be. I want a slide that goes from my bedroom to my living room! I want one of those oatmeal machines like in Wallace and Gromit! I want to be able to press a button and a machine makes me a fresh cheeseburger, like in Star Trek!

Although I can't live in this incredible future, I can at least live in a whimsical present with these adorable Minecraft-related decoration ideas, assembled into one video by Pretty DIYs, all of which are pretty cheap and easy to make – much easier than figuring out the technology behind food replicators, anyway.

Two of the crafting ideas, from edgyandquiky and urlocaldilfon TikTok, involve making cute little life-size versions of Minecraft's flowers for your walls. It may be really hard to find blue orchids in the game, but in real life, all you need is some paint, some patience, and either cardboard or tiny wooden cubes (which you can get from a craft store). Stick them on your wall or arrange them on a shelf, and you'll feel like you're living in a flower forest!

And once you've got that flower forest set up, you have to add some bees, right? If you have a printer, you can find print-out bee sheets, which come with everything you need to make those adorable little buzzy cubes, as haileyynotfoundd demonstrates. Add the antenna and wings if you like, and then add thread or fishing line to suspend them from the ceiling for the full bee effect! You can also make a gigantic one out of those tiny wooden cubes, if you just can't get enough of bees.

But these are all DIYs for your inside house, and what if you want everyone on the outside to know that you're a Minecraft fan? Easy! Just follow charluht's example, grab yourself some masking tape, cut it into squares, and stick it on your windows to make it look like Minecraft glass. Now you've broadcasted your love for Minecraft to the world, which will make people want to be friends with you, which will eventually lead to them seeing the inside of your home and your beautiful Minecraft flower arrangements. And that's really what friendship is all about, isn't it?

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Kate Gray