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CubeCraft Server!

Now available in more versions of Minecraft!

Have you tried playing on Minecraft servers? Java players are probably more familiar with them, but Mineplex, Lifeboat Network and InPVP – Nova Space Station are all playable in the new version of Minecraft (on Win 10, Xbox One and mobile) and today they're being joined by CubeCraft!

CubeCraft might be a familiar name to long-term players of Minecraft. It's the server that pioneered popular multiplayer games like SkyWars and we're delighted to be bringing their work to more Minecraft players!

I asked John Coles, CEO of Digital Tree Media (owners of CubeCraft), more about the CubeCraft server:

Tom: Tell us about CubeCraft!

John: CubeCraft is an awesome community and team of Minecraft players. We've all been playing since the early days of Java Edition (some as far back as Alpha) and we're constantly looking for new creative ways to push the game as far as possible.

We focus a lot on the experience for our players and work incredibly hard to make sure they have safe, fun and memorable games. Currently on Java we have around 50 different gamemodes and over 250 different unique maps for players to explore. We're going to be working to get new games on our Bedrock server along with the classic games we're known for: EggWars, SkyWars and Survival Games.

Tom: How long have you been a server? What makes you stand out from the crowd?

John: We opened our virtual doors in 2012 and have been online ever since. Our focus is always on what the experience of the player is. We constantly want to improve that and make it as positive as we can. Player experience is the driver behind all our big decisions. It's one of the reasons that we attend real life events so that players who may have never heard of CubeCraft or Minecraft (though that's hard to find at this point) can get an awesome game against their friends and have fun!

Tom: What can CubeCraft players expect to experience when they try your server?

John: We hope that they'll enjoy everything that we have to offer. A lot of what we've built since 2012 will be coming to CubeCraft Bedrock with a lot of our features available at launch. Features such as Parties and Friends make it much easier to get in to games with your friends. We're also excited to see how players react to some of the new games and ideas that we're just itching to get out!

Tom: What future plans do you have for the server?

John: Lots and lots! From awesome loot and cosmetics to completely new game ideas and some re-interpretations of existing concepts we have a lot to keep us busy.

Tom: Do you like me? Oh, the interview's over. So if you're playing Minecraft on Windows 10, Mobile or Xbox One, go and try the CubeCraft server!

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Tom Stone

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