Creeperscopic Vision

Check out this psychedelic isometric mob by Yanni Davros

We’re lucky here at Mojang that our game inspires some incredible creativity - and not only within the game. We also have awesome artists making cool Minecraft stuff for your desktop, shelves and walls, like this “Creeperscope” poster by Yanni Davros over at J!NX.

Have a look at a high-res version on Yanni’s deviantart page.

“I’d always loved mathematics, geometry and colour theory in school,” says Yanni. “I also have really fond memories of kaleidoscopes when I was a kid. I thought they were really beautiful with all the changing colours - they’re never the same thing twice. I’m hoping that when people they look at Creeperscope, they never see the same thing twice.”

Creeperscope is available to buy from The Official Minecraft Store, and should be available in lots of supermarkets and shops!

Written By
Marsh Davies