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Decorate your base with Detailcraft’s best builds

Look at that grill above this text. LOOK at it. It almost looks real, doesn’t it? We’re sorry to break it to you, but what you’re looking at are lies, deception, and MORE LIES. It’s not a working grill, but campfires, trapdoors, and looms put together in an amazing display of creativity. You see, combining Minecraft items can lead to the creation of all sorts of interesting furniture, which happens to be the speciality of the Detailcraft subreddit.

Do it yourself (or DIY as the cool kids say) is something that the crafty folk of Detailcraft take to heart. They’re experts at turning trapdoors into hot tubs, building display cases from barrels, and crafting all kinds of bookcases from all sorts of items. How do they do that? The answer is MAGIC. No wait, sorry, I meant REDDIT. Here, Detailcraft’s members can post and share their own intricate designs, from fiddly backyard BBQ tables to something more simple, like the user GokuBuildsYT’s elegant display case. Let me show you how to build it!

Display case

Now that we’re all warmed up, let’s see if we can tackle something more challenging and make that grill, eh? Luckily for us, we have all the help we need thanks to the architect behind the design, TayG0, walking me through his creation. The grilling effect is as simple as it is brilliant: use a couple of hidden campfires buried beneath the cooker to give off smoke, and you’re ready to get grilling.



You’ve probably worked up a sweat by now. What better way to relax than with a dip in Tinyworld’s excellent hot tub? If you felt comfortable with the grill, this has a similar start to its construction. A combination of hidden campfires and trapdoors builds a warm, welcoming, and wet garden feature that you can use to upgrade your yard. Let’s dive in!

Nice and rested? Good. Towel off! It’s time for a challenge. Thatsreytgoodthat, another member of Detailcraft’s talented community, has a talent for interior decorating and making tutorials, which is why we couldn’t resist sharing two of his step-up-in-complexity-videos.

In the first one he shows you that if you’re creative with carpets or smart with slabs you have plenty of options to expand your furniture. There are six builds in this video, detailing how to craft bookcases and office storage spaces that would fit any number of base designs. It starts off with a ‘basic’ bookcase, but by the sixth build he’s made an office desk complete with a laptop, and I was just completely in awe at what I was looking at.

If you want to feel lovely and pretty (don’t we all?), you can make that happen with the dresser he designed. This is by far the toughest build in this feature. The tricky part isn’t in the overall design, but in how you turn banners into mirrors. The dye mixing is where the magic happens, crafting a pattern and mixture of colours that will baffle anyone who sees it for the first time. It’s tricky, but by the end you’ll have an elaborate monument to vanity.

It’s party time! Send out invites to all your friends on your server for a backyard BBQ and hot tub party, then invite them inside and really wow them. After they’ve been amazed by your unconventional house designs, you can send them to Detailcraft. Soon you’ll have the fanciest server in the land!

Written By
Craig Pearson