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Crafting your story

Sharing players’ adventures through Trails & Tales

In June 2023, we released Trails & Tales, an update that brought several new features to Minecraft. This included everything from mobs, activities, and items such as the sniffer, armor trims, archaeology, the camel, and much more. But more importantly, the update focused on our player’s ability to craft stories – an integral part for building a better world.  

In Minecraft, everyone has the power to tell their story – and every story matters. By listening to people’s personal tales and experiences, we learn from one another and create a space for representation, self-expression, and greater understanding of each other. Thus, making the world a better place. 

Through the hashtag #MincraftYourStory, we asked our community to share their stories – amplified across our channels on social media, YouTube, and Minecraft Live to give them an even more powerful voice. There were also guidelines for how to tell a tale – each person could craft whatever they wished, creating something truly unique that resonated with them. For example, Stacyplays arranged “Camp Friendly” a campfire gathering where viewers shared what they love and inspires them the most. Chaos Pumpkin made an animation about her journey and memories in Minecraft. The response we saw from our players was both heartwarming and wholesome, as shown in this video. 

Your stories continue to inspire us to build a better world together, and while the campaign might be over – never stop sharing tales of your own journeys!

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