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Artwork of a llama

A sassy llama

You are a llama, which means you are sassy, self-assured, and prefer to be by yourself. Is that why you've come to the tundra? Probably! It's a great space to chill out. 

In your mission for solitude, you look for a spot to unwind. Do you fancy a patch of sunshine? Or a spot in the shade?

> Unwind in the sunshine

> Chill out in the shade


Unwind in the sunshine


You spot some skeletons clattering around under the shaded tree, so you feel extra smug about choosing your warm, sunny spot. Can't have anyone spoiling your sweet, sweet solitude!

As you close your eyes and begin to relax, you feel a rumble beneath you! That's very strange – especially as you're not hungry. You just ate some delicious speed wheat, after all! What do you do?


> Leap up!


> Ignore it, it's probably nothing


Leap up!


You leap to your hooves just in time to escape the erupting geyser right beside you! Phew, that was close call. Perhaps it's time to move on to a less dangerous location?


> Keep looking for the perfect spot


> Go to the dry savanna instead


Chill out in the shade


A tree should at least offer some shelter from the cold wind, right? As you trot towards it, water bursts through the surface of the nice, sunny spot you were considering sitting in. Phew! What a close call.

You fold your legs into the shade and try and rest for a moment, but there's a noise in the distance that disturbs you. It's a clattering sound, almost like... bones?

You know that skeletons love the snow, and sure enough a group of them emerge, and begin playing in the snow nearby. Your mission for sweet, sweet solitude must continue!


> Keep looking for the perfect spot


> Go to the dry savanna instead



Look for the perfect spot


You keep moving, blinking in your slow, llama way, and notice that the clattering sounds you could hear earlier are getting louder. Could it be another geyser? Or something worse?

You're about to turn around (solitude-seeking llamas don't run towards noise!) but then you hear a llama-like bleat. Whatever that noise is, they're attacking your fellow llamas!

You run towards the sound and discover a horrible horde of piglins. And you were right – your fluffy kin are in danger! 


> Help the llamas fight the piglins



Go to the dry savanna


While the upside of the dry savanna is that it's inhospitable to many mobs, the downside of the dry savanna is: it's also inhospitable to you! This biome is pretty hot and while most llamas can handle the heat, you're not a fan of any extreme temperature. You're going to need to find some shelter if you're going to stay here.

You look around, and though you can't find any shade, you do manage to find a nice, cool mud puddle! Delighted that your mission to find solitude has led to a spa day, you're about to sit back and relax that long, llama neck of yours when you notice bubbles coming to the surface. All in the same spot... 

What will you do?


> Spit at them


> Get closer



Approach the bubbles


You're curious, and get closer to the bubbles. As you move, one of your legs bumps into something below the surface! Aargh! What is that? 


> I don't know – and I don't want to find out!


> Don't be a drama llama – it's probably just a twig!



Run away from the bubbles


You've had enough of the dry savanna. It's hot, and the mud puddles come with weird bubbles! You need to take your quest for solitude to less populated pastures. Not to mention you're now covered head to toe in mud. Perhaps you can find a biome to wash all this gunk from your fur?


> Head to the swamp



Ignore the bubbles


You don't want to give up your lovely, cool mud pool, so you decide to ignore the fact that something definitely touched your leg.

Seconds later, a pig emerges to the surface! It blinks the mud from its eyes, and gives you a rather surprised oink in greeting.

And just like that, your sweet solitude has been shattered!


> This mud puddle is getting crowded. Time to move!


Spit at the bubbles


You spit at the bubbles. Normally when you spit at things, they go away (or huff at you angrily) but the bubbles don't stop. In fact, they seem to be getting bigger...

To your shock, the bubbles pop to reveal... a pig! It blinks piggily at you and gives you a surprised oink in greeting.


> This mud puddle is getting crowded. Time to move!



This mud puddle is getting crowded. Time to go!


You step away but after a few seconds, you hear another oink. A louder, more panicked oink, followed by a cacophony of angry squeals.

You turn around to see a violent little piglin attacking the poor pig!

You look towards the horizon, and the promise of solitude, but the little pig's panicked oinks get even more desperate. You have to help! The only question is how?


> Attack the piglin


> Lure the piglin away



Attack the piglin


You may be a lone, mud-covered llama, but you charge at the piglin as though there's a whole herd behind you, and a fight begins! It's messy, not just because a llama's favorite weapon is spitting (so versatile!) but because you're literally fighting in a puddle of mud.

You have four hooves to the piglin's two, and though the little critter takes a few swipes at you with its mace, you emerge victorious, and muddier than ever before!

You look around, expecting a few grateful oinks from the pig, but they're nowhere to be seen! Are they safe? You don't know, but you are finally alone. Do you embrace your hard-won solitude?


> Yes! Take over the mud puddle for yourself


> Look for the pig



Look for the pig


You worry about the pig, it must be so scared! It takes a lot for a pig to leave its cool mud puddle and go out into the hot, parched plains of the dry savanna. 

You follow the pig's mud tracks. When you find the poor thing it already looks pretty dehydrated, and the mud has started to dry out and crack on its body! 


> Lead the pig back to the mud puddle


> Spit on it to make it feel better



Spit on the pig


In your llama herd, spitting can be a sign of great affection. The pig clearly doesn't realize this, because when you're done "cooling it down", it doesn't look very happy.

Perhaps it's best to show your kindness in another way?


> Lead the pig back to the mud puddle



Lead the pig back to the mud puddle


You backtrack to the mud puddle, and the pig happily jumps back in! Which is great for the pig, but bad for you: because once again, your solitude has been ruined. This mud puddle isn't big enough for the both of you, and besides, what if you come across more piglins?

Perhaps it's time to move on in your quest for some peace and quiet. Time to try a new biome!


> Head to the swamp



Lure the piglin away


You use the greatest weapon in your llama arsenal – you spit at the piglin to get it to chase you, then you run as fast as you can!

As you're running, you realize that your plan was only half great. Sure you've saved the little pig, but now the piglin is after you! And all you wanted was some peace and quiet...

How will you lose the piglin?


> Run through some speed wheat and lose it


> Run back to the tundra



Run through speed wheat


Speed wheat is great at giving you a boost when you need it, and you need it now more than ever! You sprint towards the speed wheat and dive into it. Now the wind's in your fur as you zip even faster, and even farther than ever before!

By the time the speed wheat wears off, you've left the piglin long behind. But where are you? You look around you and spot some dangling vines in the distance, and some muddy-looking water.

Perhaps you'll find some solitude over there?


> Head to the swamp



Return to the tundra


You get a brilliant idea. You're going to run all the way back to where you began! Surely this pesky piglin won't follow you all the way back there?

Unfortunately for you, this piglin isn't only pesky, it's persistent. It followed you all the way back to the tundra! Now what will you do?


> I hear clattering! Run to the skeletons!


> I hear bubbling! Run to the geyser!



Run to the geyser


You know that geysers don't erupt on demand, even for sassy, solitude-seeking llamas like yourself, but you're sure that the last time you were here the geyser's eruption was preceded by some pretty big bubbles – and look! The bubbles popping up look pretty big! 

You're sure it's going to erupt soon, the question now is how you can use the geyser to lose this pesky piglin!


> Run over the geyser right after it erupts


> Run over the geyser a few seconds after it erupts


> Run over the geyser as it's erupting



Wait a few seconds, then run over the geyser

You don't want to get launched into the air by the geyser, but nor do you want this piglin to keep chasing you! Unfortunately, you don't time it well, and the geyser erupts right after you pass over it and the piglin avoids it.

Now what?!


> I hear clattering! Run to the skeletons!



Run over the geyser right after it erupts


You wait for the water to stop gushing upwards and then run over it. The piglin is hot on your heels, but you have a little llama luck on your side! As the piglin steps over the bubbling surface of the geyser, it erupts, sending the little porker flying!

You might've succeeded in your mission of saving the cute little pig, but you've still not found the solitude you're after. What'll you do next?


> Spit in celebration!


> Head to the swamp



Spit in celebration!


In llama language, spitting can mean a couple of things, and right now it means: Yippee! I defeated that pesky piglin!

Except you still haven't found your much-needed solitude, and you can still hear the skeletons of the tundra clattering around in the snow. If it's peace you're after, you won't find it here!


> Head to the swamp


Head to the swamp


The swamp is a bit cooler than the dry savanna, but that also means there are more mobs. As a llama that craves solitude, that's not ideal, but you can't deny that the ocelots are cute. Unwelcomed, but cute!

After washing the mud from your fur and frolicking through the water for a bit, you spot a large, red mushroom with white spots on it. It looks bouncy! Or... delicious?


> Step on it


> Try to eat it



Try to eat the mushroom


You bite into the mushroom. It's too rubbery to bite off a piece, but it tastes lousy anyway. You remember that tasting random mushrooms is actually quite risky, so it's probably for the best!

It still looks quite bouncy though...


> Step on it and see what happens!



Step on the mushroom


You jump on the bouncecap, and you soar high up into the treetops! Normally such a flight would be perilous for a llama (no wings, you see) but the bouncecap means you land unscathed! What's more, the effect of the bouncecap seems to last a while, and it's fun!


> Bounce again!


> Bounce, bounce, bounce!


> I said BOUNCE!


Ignore the rumbling


You've lived in this Overworld long enough to know that random rumblings are probably nothing to worry about, at least not for a lone llama in the tundra.

But even self-assured llamas can be wrong. Something you learn as water erupts from the surface and propels you high into the air!

Time seems to slow as you watch the Overworld get smaller beneath you, and you can't help but marvel at its beauty. The fountains! The villages! The beautiful, sprawling meadows! And then time speeds up again, hurtling you toward the tundra...

It's probably not the first time a llama has met its demise like this, but it sure is embarrassing!


> Try again as the llama


> Choose a different character


Help the llamas


You might be a solitude-loving llama but you can fight! 

At least, that's what you thought, until you went all-hooves-blazing into a fight against piglins with blaze rods and maces. You flail your hooves, land a few decent kicks, and even attempt some spit-based ranged attacks, but alas! The piglins are too organized.

The piglins overpower the brave llamas, and though you survive the onslaught, they lock you up in a cage. 

Sadly, a cage full of llamas is anything but a relaxing place to be. But all you can do is endure and wait for someone to save you...


> Try again as the llama


> Choose a different character



Take over the mud puddle


Now that the mud puddle is empty you make yourself comfortable. Finally! Some peace and quiet! And you only had to leave the tundra, venture to the dry savanna, meet a pig, and defeat a piglin to achieve it.

Perhaps it would be easier to be a sociable llama, but would it be more fun? You doubt it. You're happy as a llama in mud!


> Play again as the llama


> Choose a different character


Run over the geyser as it erupts


You're so focused on escaping, you decide to launch yourself into the geyser.

This might've been a good idea if llamas were spawned with wings, but unfortunately your fur isn't very compatible with flying.

The piglin laughs at you as the geyser launches you into the air.


> Try again as the llama


> Choose a different character



Run to the skeletons


You run up to the group of skeletons that you saw playing in the snow earlier. As soon as they see the piglin chasing you, they take out their bows and shoot!

The piglin never stood a chance!

Winded from your long run, you settle down in the shade of the tree, and the skeletons return to happily playing in the snow beside you.

Perhaps having some company isn't so bad, after all? 


> Play again as the llama


> Choose a different character





You keep bouncing around, and before you know it you're on top of the trees, jumping from canopy to canopy!

You find yourself on a tall tree with an amazing view of the entire Overworld! You can see the distant villages, and their majestic fountains. You can see the green meadows, and the parched dry savanna, and the snowy tundra, and that odd, red cloud on the horizon. And the best part is that ''you're all alone''!

You've found the perfect place to relax, and absolutely nothing can disturb you! Except perhaps that ominous cloud on the horizon, but you'll worry about that later...


> Play again as the llama


> Choose a different character

Written By
Cristina Anderca, Sophie Austin, Sofia Dankis, and Per Landin

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