Craft Your Own Adventure: Wild Tales

Step into The Wild Update

Welcome to Craft Your Own Adventure, the story that you control! Start below and then pick the option that appeals to you the most. It will take you to a new part of the story, and you will be presented with more options. Keep making your picks, don’t scroll ahead, and watch out for wardens! The Wild Tales await…

The moon is hanging high in the sky, illuminating the blocky camp that you and your friends have set up. Most of them have returned from their adventures and have gathered around the crackling fire. As you watch the flames flicker, you feel a twinge in your gut. For once, it isn't due to the suspicious stew that you can't seem to stay away from. No, this time it's because you know that in just a few moments, someone will start regaling the group with a story from the day. And then someone else will jump in. And then another person will also have been on an epic quest. And finally, like always, their eager faces will turn to look at yours and then what will you do? Make up a fake story – again? Or will you slink away before they notice that you're here. 

No. Not today. This time, you're going to be able to deliver your own, amazing story. Yeah. You can do this. You've listened to everyone tell of their adventures, you must have picked up some tips on how to avoid ornery goats, sneak past creepers, and craft emergency shelter. This is your time! Your moment! Before you can overthink this decision, you leap to your feet and head out in search of adventure.

As you approach a four-pronged fork, you must make your first decision – which path will you take?


Written By
Sofia Dankis, Cristina Anderca, Sophie Austin, and Per Landin