Aria Creations’ futuristic city finds beauty in the bleak

Over the last few decades, technology has become a huge part of our everyday lives. It’s enhanced almost every aspect of our existence, from health to industry to social media. It’s the reason you can use your smartphone to play Minecraft while sat on the toilet. Not that I’ve ever done that, of course.

Unfortunately, technology is also at the root of the beautiful post-apocalypse that is Complexcity, an intricate build from the Aria Creations team.

“Our first intention was to create an even more complex city than we did with our previous builds,” Aria Creations founder LNeoX tells me via email. “Complexcity seems to be a nice and friendly place but, from the inside, the city is dead and controlled by artificial intelligence. Isolated from the rest of the world.”

The story of Complexcity is of humans producing robots to build things for us - but then probably regretting that decision when the robots rise up against us. It’s a story we’ve experienced in other sci-fi. I’ve seen about 5,988,434 movies where ungrateful machines start rising up against their poor human creators (as a human myself, I might be a little biased here).

Complexcity tells a similar cautionary tale, with the robots headed toward eliminating humans from the equation altogether. At the time we’re seeing Complexcity, robots are in complete control and nobody knows how the situation will develop.

Aria Creations were also unsure how this project would develop when they started building. “Normally we like to make our own concept before we start building but this one was without any planning beforehand,” explains LNeoX.

“We felt confident that everyone was on the same page and just started the project. Our goal was a complex city guided by a modern theme. We tried to implement the ideas of everyone and adapt on the run.”

A team of eight, the toughest part of constructing the city for Aria Creations was apparently “how we should start this new project.” But once they’d started, they managed to finish construction in just ten days. Maybe we shouldn’t be so worried about robots surpassing us in efficiency after all?

Even without a team, sometimes you have to let loose and create without critiquing yourself every step of the way. “Not trying to make everything 100% perfect in one go,” explains LNeoX, was something the team learned with the Complexcity project.

“A lot of times you end up changing parts over and over again. You lose a lot of time and/or motivation and the modifications don’t [even] add much to the big picture.”

“We always strive to build something greater and focus on layout, composition, concept and colors,” LNeoX tells me. But the secret to a build of this quality is apparently to “be passionate and don’t set yourself to high goals. Just have fun.”

The team at Aria Creations is building quite the impressive portfolio of beautiful, intricate builds. When you have a team that flows together so well, that's when your builds can come to life, giving birth to wonderful ideas that go beyond what an audience might see at first glance! Just keep an eye on the machines that are helping build those ideas, OK? stares suspiciously at toaster

Aria Creations are LNeoX, Asdan, Monsterfish, Meadows, TurnipN0se, Laeonathan, Kellerbier, spaceemotion

Written By
Charles Singletary