Community Streamer Showcase for Caves & Cliffs: Part I!

It’s Caves & Cliffs: Part I release day!! In honor of this big day, we thought we’d look to our community to see how it’s going. Want to experience the new features, mobs and blocks with some up-and-coming streamers from the Minecraft Community? Check out this schedule below, and keep reading for more detailed info about their streams!

Each of these streamers has their own unique plan for how they’re choosing to dive into the new update. Read on for a bit more about their channels and what they’ll be doing:

JaneyLaney: Do you love goats? JaneyLaney loves goats. In fact, when Caves & Cliffs: Part I drops, JaneyLaney plans to collect and name over 100 goats. She’s excited about the other features too, but we’re really hung up on this goat thing. Aside from being a goat farmer, JaneyLaney also created BlackMinecraft, which is an initiative to create more diversity within the gaming space.

LeyLey: If Vtubers are your thing, the LeyLey is the channel for you. LeyLey not only plays survival mode, but she plays on hardcore mode.  She plans to collect and showcase as many of the new animals as she can... but one wrong move could be her last!

DrGluon: DrGluon’s channel is known for being the “Saturday Morning Variety Show” for adults!  That means you can expect everything from puppets to cartoon characters on screen, and every moment is a new surprise. He plans to kick off the new update by building a zoo, then going on an expedition to fill it with new mobs specific to Caves & Cliffs: Part I.

Phineapoo: Phineapoo is a streamer who has focused almost entirely on creative builds during his five years of streaming – but now he’s going to survival mode! Want to watch a pro builder grapple with basic things like crafting recipes as he sets foot in the new update? Then check out Phineapoo! 

Couriway: A Minecraft player for over eight years, who just recently started speedrunning and made a name for himself as a four-time speed run world record holder. Couriway plans to set a goal time and determine a list of tasks to complete within that time frame, all related to the new update. Join to see if he can beat the clock!

Kitdy: Looking for someone who plays on Java? Check out Kitdy! She plans to check out all the new mobs, look for new items, and flex her skills in making Minecraft aquariums to showcase her new axolotl collection.

Kendrisite: Kendrisite plans to start a new world with the Caves & Cliffs: Part I update and will focus on farming Amethyst. When that’s done, he’s got all sorts of other ideas, like adding a lightning rod to a fish tank full of glow squids to make them shine, and possibly building some kind of axolotl paradise. He is a family-friendly content creator whose enthusiasm will brighten your day.

Stealth: Stealth’s stream focuses on survival adventures, large building projects and Minecraft news! He’ll be focusing on collecting all the new blocks in the Caves & Cliffs: Part I update in order to make an underground cave base.

JacQuanStanley: Join JacQuan as he starts a brand-new survival world in which to explore all of the new additions in the Caves & Cliffs: Part I update. He plans to find all the new mobs and build a base using new blocks, all starting from scratch! This channel is a solid one if you’re looking for audience engagement, improv, and making new friends. 

Rachxxo: Join Rachxxo as she sets out on an epic mob hunting adventure! She’ll be building special habitats for all her new glow squid, goats and axolotl. Rachxxo is an Asian-American streamer who usually focuses on Bed Wars but is taking a break to explore the new content in the update.

RachelKye: A content creator that’s been around forever, RachelKye originally got her start as a Minecraft content creator by producing and writing cinematic roleplay shows! She plans to focus on general exploration with the new update, so check out her channel if you’re hoping to cover a lot of ground. But what’s exploration without bringing home a few souvenirs? RachelKye plans to nab herself some axolotls, a glow squid, and go flower picking.

AceUnhacked: AceUnhacked is an Australian, family-friendly streamer – and another Minecraft content creator excited about the new mobs. He plans to build a part-aquarium, part-animal sanctuary to house all the new mobs he collects after the update. He's also very excited to include Amethyst and Copper in his builds, so if you’re excited about the new blocks, definitely check out this channel.

Whether you plan to play the new Caves & Cliffs: Part I update yourself or watch someone streaming it on your favorite platform, we hope you have a great time and enjoy all the new mobs and blocks.

Written By
Kristina Horner