Drawing that's a trio of a girl with a brown bob haircut, yellow sweater, and green scaled skirt against a purple background.

Community Roundup: Sniffer Fanart

This year, like every year, we hosted our annual mob vote during Minecraft Live. And this year, the people have spoken: The sniffer is coming to Minecraft. 

The sniffer is an adorable new mob that won the hearts of over 50% of our voters! And we’re happy to report that support for our fluffy new super best friend spread quickly throughout the Minecraft community.

We asked the community to share their fan art and creations inspired by the sniffer, and loved seeing everything the community came up with. Here they are (in no particular order)!

Kicking things off is violxiv with their submission of a sniffer reimagined as a girl, complete with a cute sweater and skirt. 

Next is IsThatJed’s super creative ideas for fun sniffer accessories. Just look at that floatie!

Eveleniii became one with nature with this gorgeous floral-inspired illustration. 

Nisphmiphnhu11 has inspired us to see what we can create with materials from our own homes with this unique papercraft submission.

PotatoJellyJake went with a classic approach, going in-game with their creation and building a sniffer out of an assortment of existing blocks.

This adorable drawing from fnoofles has us wondering if perhaps our invitation to this sniffer party got lost in the mail...?

AidanBuchanan13 got a little Mine-crafty with felt and glue and created this homemade plush.

Caleb7890yt made a lush sniffer build utilizing ample amounts of moss blocks.

Finally, SadGreenCreeper has us wanting to hug this sweet drawing of their sniffer.

Our hearts were warmed by the lovely variety of submissions sent in, as well as the passion and excitement for the sniffer overall, so thank you to everyone who participated. 

Want to share your creations? Use the hashtag #FeatureMeMinecraft on Twitter for a chance to have your work featured on the website. And keep an eye on our social channels for future community challenges! 

Written By
Lindsey S.