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A greenhouse on a blue sky day.

Community Gardenhouse Build Roundup

The latest in Minecraft creations!

It’s time to highlight some of the latest community submissions that have caught our eye, like Laord’s design above. 

Occasionally, these builds sort themselves into a theme – like today’s greenhouse builds. Not only is a greenhouse in Minecraft an efficient way to keep your plants organized in one place, but it also keeps them safer from wandering mobs, depending on the materials you use. Like real greenhouses, a well-constructed design can keep your creations growing all year long and through any kind of weather.


Are you ready to see your build become famous? We’re taking submissions for all your creations, large and small.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Take a look at what we’ve featured so far and dare to dream up something different!

  • Tag it with #FeatureMeMinecraft on social media or Discord.

  • When you’re posting or sending in your images, remember larger images are better. If your image is around 1280x720 pixels in size, we can see your entire build and make sure none of it gets left out when we feature it here.

  • Toggle off that UI so we can see all of your lovely builds!

  • Feel free to include some helpful information giving us a peek at the process, especially if you’ve incorporated some especially tricky building techniques! Or just tell us what inspired you.

If social media isn’t your thing, please send it to and be sure to mention you want to be featured in our community roundup. Either way, keep your fingers crossed, and it might get featured! 

At this point, we would probably throw in an obvious gardening joke here as we share these community creations with you, but instead, we’ll just plant these seeds of inspiration in your mind.


Written By
Nova Barlow

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