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Commercial use guidelines updated!

Some changes for unofficial Minecraft books and mags

Hello! We thought we'd let you know about a couple of changes to our Commercial Use Guidelines - the rules that say how people can use the Minecraft brand to make money for themselves. We love and heartily support the majority of creative projects our players get up to, and this shouldn't affect 99.99% of you, but it's always good to be clear about these things!

The changes to the guidelines are really all about how to make unofficial products - specifically magazines and books - so they aren't confused with the stuff we or our official partners make. Here are the new rules in brief:

  • The main value of your unofficial book should be your original contribution (e.g. your story).
  • Don't use “Minecraft” as the first word or dominant part of your book title.
  • Don't use the Minecraft logo anywhere on the cover of your book.
  • Your cover art should not use official Minecraft artwork (e.g. the art on our product packaging), but may instead use screenshots from your gameplay or your own original art.

Again, this is nothing that should affect you unless you're thinking of making and selling a Minecraft-themed book or magazine, but we've always posted about these kind of changes in the past for the sake of transparency - so here you go! You can read the full guidelines here.

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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