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Colour us Impressed

Embrace the primary power of PAV's colourful builds!

Minecraft just wouldn't be the same in black and white, would it? Every building you made would look grey, cold and lifeless, without those flaming reds, warm oranges, Creeper greens, sunny yellows and sapphire-bright blues. That's why we didn't make a black and white version of the game and release that instead. We're really smart, you see.

One man who gets the colourful potential of Minecraft is PAV, a Russian builder who uses every colour in the 'bow to craft some seriously luscious lands. He also might just be the most positive person we've ever interviewed for, and that's really saying something.

“Yes!” says PAV, when we mention his use of colour. “I love bright colours and thanks to the new Minecraft update there will be even more. I really like it when my works look bright and cartoonish. I want them to inspire others.”

You heard the man! Take a click through this gallery and GET INSPIRED:

PAV got into Minecraft the unorthodox way, after playing “a 2D clone of the game on my phone” in 2012 (PAV didn't tell us the name of this clone, to the disappointment of our lawyers).

Soon he moved onto real Minecraft and “as time went by, I started to learn its endless possibilities and it became more than just a game to play after work. About two years ago I fell in love with the creative side of it - making community maps to be exact - and now I can’t stop!”

"Without the visuals, without the inspiration from pictures and other Minecraft community projects one can’t create a great map."

“Minecraft is versatile," explains PAV. "Some like mini-games, some like mods, some like watching videos about the game, I personally like the creative mode. I liked it because it’s a pretty easy way to start expressing yourself - create astonishing places and builds existing in the real world or in your mind, recreate the moments of our past or even our future - and I can easily share my works with other people and let them see the worlds I’ve built with their own eyes.”

PAV clearly enjoys switching style and theme with each new build. To what does he owe such eclectic inspirations? “Before I start building, I create a concept and search for suitable pictures. There can be many pictures, because one can have an interesting tower/house/bridge, the other could have a great landscape or something else that would look good with other builds.”

“After I’ve collected everything, I start working. Without the visuals, without the inspiration from pictures and other Minecraft community projects one can’t create a great map.”

Inspiration may come from other builders, but PAV also found the wider Minecraft community helpful with other parts of the building process. “The hardest part was terraforming,” he explains. “I needed some help from the members of our team, Nightly Owls - these guys taught me a lot not only in terraforming but in making unique maps, a big thank you to them!”

Well after admiring all these colourful builds, you can certainly colour us impre... oh, wait, we already used that for the title. Drat. Anyway, find more from PAV on Planet Minecraft here!

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Tom Stone

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