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ChunkWorld: now on PC Realms!

MCNoodlor's bitesized builds launch new Realms category

My morning routine involves, among other things, slowly waking up, sipping a latte, and browsing the Minecraft subreddit. For the last year or so, whenever I see a post from MCNoodlor I make sure to read it and scroll through all of its images.

You may have seen his unique style yourself; he’s known for clean, clear renders that make it easy to copy or emulate those simple, chunk-wide builds. It’s probably no surprise then that I reached out to Mr. Noodlor to see if he’d like to have his build featured on Minecraft Realms.

ChunkWorld, as his build bundle is called, is a collection of sixty-four different structures. Often, a particular edifice will share a style with two or three others nearby. This makes it easy to start a village or city, then continue to build outwards with a similar style. Other creations, such as the brightly-colored Festival Tent or whimsical Ice Palace stand out on their own, asking you to find the perfect place for them in your world.

While you could always re-create these designs block by block, they can also help inspire you to craft original builds, which was part of our intent in adding ChunkWorld to Realms. Currently though, Realms has four categories of content: World Templates, Minigames, Adventures, and Experiences. ChunkWorld didn’t fit anywhere! Because of this, we decided to add a final category to Realms on PC: Inspiration.

Just like the Experiences category before it, a single, awesome map convinced us that a new category of content was required. While future Inspiration maps don’t have to look or feel at all like ChunkWorld, we consider it to be representative of what we’d like to see going forward: simple, clean, and of course, inspirational to the Minecraft building process.

If you’d like to try ChunkWorld for yourself, it’s now available on Minecraft Realms for PC. If you need help setting it up, just follow these instructions on our help site. If you don’t currently have a Realm, you can get more information on the creator’s album page, including a treasure trove of images and a world download.

Happy Minecrafting!

Marc Watson
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Marc Watson

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