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Chinese Myth now on Pocket and Win 10

The 1.0.6 update brings a mash-up pack and more!

Auspicious news! A world of ancient wonder arrives on Pocket and Windows 10 Edition today. The Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack will become available as part of the 1.0.6 update, bringing a sprawling land of Eastern mystery, steeped in history, danger and cherry blossom. Explore ancient cities! Behold giant pandas! Marvel at dragons!

There are 26 new skins that go with the pack, along with a gorgeous new texture set that transforms building blocks with bright and beautiful patterns, and turns weepy ghasts into grinning demons.

And while you’re exploring all this, you’ll be hearing the stirring sounds of Gareth Coker’s powerful original score. We wrote about how he composed it only a month or so ago!

That’s not all - alongside the pack, 1.0.6 brings a few features and fixes, too:

The Worlds section has been added to the Store, featuring the free Redstone Mansion map!

Meanwhile, skeleton horses spawned from traps can now be tamed and ridden, the jump range of slimes is now correct, baby mobs once again make idle sounds, snow golem pumpkin heads will now properly scale with Add-Ons and we’ve finally fixed the bug with the game failing to start on some Android devices.

Phew! You can read a full log of the changes here.

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