Character Creator FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Character Creator

What is the Character Creator?

Character Creator is a new, easy-to-use system to help you make a custom character in Minecraft item by item.

Why did you make the Character Creator?

We primarily designed the Character Creator as a flexible and fun way for Minecraft Earth players to create customized looks for themselves in the game. We want players to be able to choose the items that they want without forcing everyone to use the same skin tone, hair color, and body size with them. This also enables some highly-requested features like capes! As we continued working on the Character Creator, we thought that a lot of vanilla Minecraft players would enjoy its features, so we decided to bring it to the base Minecraft game as well! Not only that, but your characters will sync between both games!


YES! With the new Character Creator, if you have a cape you can equip it on a custom skin, a Marketplace skin, a default skin, or the new character you create with the Character Creator.

Do I have to have make a new character in the Character Creator to use a cape or specific new item?

NOPE! You can use your cape or other items on a custom skin, a Marketplace skin, a character made with Character Creator, or one of the default skins.

So does this mean I can finally wear a cape on my custom skin in Minecraft on Bedrock Engine-based platforms?


If I have a cape in Java Edition, can I equip it in Minecraft on Bedrock Engine-based platforms?

Not yet, but we are investigating how we might enable this.

Is the Character Creator free to use?

Yes, it is! We have over 100 physical features for you to create your own unique look, and many of the items can be tinted to over 20 different colors.

Will the Character Creator have loot boxes?

No. You can earn or purchase items directly knowing exactly what you will get.

Do any of the items affect gameplay? For example, I see some items that glow. Will they help me see at night?

No, all items in the Character Creator are purely visual. They might make you easier to spot by other players, but that’s it.

Does the Character Creator replace skins? Can I still use custom skins or skins I have purchased from the Marketplace?

Skins are not going anywhere! If you like your current skin, there is no need to change it. You can use the Marketplace skins you have purchased in both Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Bedrock Engine-based platforms. You can still import custom skins in Minecraft on many Bedrock Engine-based platforms. Marketplace creators will continue to make skins even after they soon start making Character Creator items.

Where did my recent skins go?

You can now save 5 skins or created characters to your profile for easy swapping, so there isn’t a dedicated list of recent skins anymore.

Do I have to use Character Creator?

Not if you don’t want to. You can play with Alex or Steve indefinitely. You will need to use the Character Creator menus to change skins (including importing custom skins in Minecraft).




Can I import a custom skin to use in Minecraft Earth?

No, we do not have plans for importing custom skins in Minecraft Earth. Importing custom skins is still possible in Minecraft on Windows 10 and mobile.

Will custom skins sync between devices and games like they do for custom skins in Java Edition?

No, we do not have plans for custom skins to sync between devices and games on Bedrock Engine-based platforms.

I’m a console player and we can’t currently use custom skins. Will this change in the future?

We do not have plans for importing custom skins on consoles.

Can I still use my Java skin in Minecraft on Bedrock Engine-based platforms?

Absolutely! You will still be able to import custom skins and use them just like you did before, on Windows 10 and mobile.

Can I use the Character Creator on Java Edition, too?

The Character Creator is only available for Minecraft on mobile, Windows 10, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Can I use Character Creator in Minecraft Dungeons?

The Character Creator will not be available for Minecraft Dungeons.

Can I use the Character Creator in Minecraft Earth?

Yes! Minecraft Earth will support the Character Creator.

Can I use custom geometry in the Character Creator?

In order for the Character Creator to work and prevent clipping issues, it needs to have a use one of the preset base skins. However, you can use various accessories to add additional characteristics to your character.

Are there enough customization options so I can make a character that looks like me?

We hope so! We have been working to bring you loads of character options so you can make your skin look uniquely you. If you see something we don’t have but is important to you, please suggest it to us here.

I want to be a cat/have a tail/wings. Are there any options for this in Character Creator?

Awesome! We want everyone to be able to represent themselves as they see fit whether that is realistic or fantastical, so you should be in luck! Many of these are launch items or coming soon. Look at our launch items and let us know what you want us to add.

I really like this Marketplace skin but I want to change it a little. Can I use the Character Creator to change a Marketplace skin?

No. The Character Creator and our old skin system work differently, and interaction between them is limited to capes only.

I have a prosthetic arm/leg in real-life and I really want to use one in Minecraft. Will this option be available in Character Creator?

Yes! We have several realistic and fantastical prosthetic arms and legs.

How do I create custom accessories for Character Creator?

Apply to become a Marketplace Partner! You can apply here. You are also welcome to contact any of our current Marketplace Partners and see if they have positions open on their various teams.

I have a really good idea for an accessory for the Character Creator. How do I submit it?

Please put all your requests for accessories here.