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Celebrate Dungeons' second anniversary

Join the party for trials, tower runs, and treasure!

Time flies when you’re having fun. One second, you’re there in Highblock Halls for the first time, barely defeating Archie on Normal. The next, you’re clearing a challenging ancient hunt like you were born to do it. Unlike me, who was born to cry over the fact that I still struggle with the Corrupted Cauldron. We’re all destined for something!

Minecraft Dungeons sure has grown, and this month our little rascal turns two years old! We want to commemorate this occasion and celebrate our journey by throwing the most brimming birthday bash this side of the Overworld. And of course, you’re invited! 

Between May 25 and June 15, you can participate in an anniversary event that features several unique in-game activities. Take part in seasonal trials in which you can collect fancy gear like the Sparkler, Sweet Tooth, or the Sugar Rush – as well as a new and elegant anniversary cape. Or why not clear a special tower challenge to earn the friendship of the utterly adorable baby moobloom pet? Becoming BFFs with this beautiful bovine should be everyone’s top priority – right after “Mark calendar for Anniversary Event”, “Start Launcher”, and “Play Minecraft Dungeons”! Hm, that’s quite a lot of undertakings actually. Better make a list and pin a few sticky notes to the screen. 

Above all else, whether you’re a new adventurer or someone who’s been here from the start: Thank you for being part of our journey together! We hope to see you at the party! 

Per Landin
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Per Landin

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