Caves & Cliffs Pt. 1 Community Builds

A couple of weeks ago, we asked you to create a build that features at least one of the blocks in the Caves & Cliffs: Part I Update, and you’ve delivered!

Our competition might have been a chaotic spectacle of egos, but your submissions were all a delight – and drama-free! We couldn't be more excited to see all the amazing stuff you've built. Also, we’d like to apologize for our complete lack of professionalism. We assure you that… well, let’s be honest, it’ll probably happen again. Many, many times.

But that’s enough blabbering from us. Let’s get to the important part of this article... your builds.

_QualityGarbage built this incredible greenhouse using aged copper blocks. It looks like it houses vines that are even older than me! 

AquaRangeYT1 figured out the best way to get the coveted blue axolol is to make it yourself.

DavenWehrung found a loophole to getting candles in an earlier update.

BielSpirit decided to one-up Cristina by creating their own version of the yelling goat... this one complete with dialogue!

There’s a lot to love about this cozy cottage by jonatha03978615. I’d like to rent it for a getaway over a long weekend, personally.

Sorcha0521 also built a cottage, but this one is deep inside a cave! I love the use of azaleas, as well as the sweet amethyst chandelier. Let there be light... and sparkles!

And lastly, we’ve got these gorgeous towers by BhanuNarra1

Thanks to everyone who submitted their builds for us to look at, especially since our readers will hopefully be so wowed by these that they won't even remember the original build contest. I mean wait... what contest? There was never any contest. 

Kristina Horner
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Kristina Horner