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Buzzy Bees are Coming to Minecraft

Catch what all the latest buzz is about

No need to flutter about, I’ll get straight to the good stuff – Buzzy Bees, our upcoming Holiday update, and all the new features that come with it, are coming to Minecraft on December 11th! The bee’s big debut is cause for celebration, so we’re kicking off a whole bunch of bee-themed initiatives ahead of the big day. Hold on to your antennae, because we’ve got a lot of unbelievable content coming your way! 

Do you want to learn even more about bees? Well, we’ve got just the live stream for you. We’ll be hosting live streams based in the US, Brazil, and Australia on December 6th through 8th (check the handy schedule below for more details).

We’re also going to have a community challenge running from December 13th through 15th! Want to know more about that exciting challenge and the sweet rewards it will bring? You’re gonna have to keep an eye on our Twitter account and, of course, for more news.

You may be reaching the end of this article and wondering, why all the fuss about bees? Well, not only are bees critically important to our ecosystem, they’re also in danger of steep decline. That’s why we’ve partnered with WWF to help out the star of the show, the mighty and humble bee, by raising money for WWF’s efforts to protect bees and other important species. There are three ways you can help us support WWF’s conservation work: donate during the live stream, purchase the cutest merchandise this side of the Overworld (available on Friday!), or purchase the Character Creator Bumblebee costume in the Minecraft Marketplace. We'll be donating a percentage (62.5% to be exact) of those proceeds directly to WWF! To kick off these initiatives on behalf of the beloved bee, Mojang will be giving a $100,000 donation to WWF. 

We’re excited to bring bees into Minecraft, but also to help protect the bees right here on the Earth that we all share. Let’s celebrate the bees before they arrive in Minecraft on December 11th by taking part in the exciting events we have planned!

Written By
Kelsey Howard

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