Build With It: Cobblestone!

Make your creations rock

Ah, cobblestone. As one of the most basic building blocks, it’s a true classic! It was likely the first block you ever obtained from mining, as well as an integral component in your earliest builds. After all, there’s nothing like a little cobblestone house to stake your claim in the world and say “This is MINE”.

Being an abundant resource, there’s a high probability you’ll be gathering a lot of cobblestone whenever you enter a new world. In fact, you might even end up with too much of it. But what do you build after you’ve finished your castle, its outer fortress walls, the dungeon underneath, the extensive courtyard, the winding staircases to a tower, a remote outpost, roads to connect them all together – and still have both energy and materials left?

A good idea is to draw inspiration from cobblestone creator maddog142, a community member who answered our recent Build With It request for cobblestone builds. Energized by the appearance of a naturally spawned jungle temple, maddog142 continued the inspirational jungle motif by constructing three additional Meso-American inspired builds from cobblestone – a small shrine/temple, a house/building, and a ball court (or “tlachtli”). 

These creations were further accented with mossy cobblestone, cobwebs, and some vines to help provide an authentic, aged appearance. The mossy cobblestone also adds a touch of unexpected color to keep the look of this basic wall from becoming too monotonous.

You may not use cobblestone much once you have discovered the wide variety of other building materials Minecraft has to offer, but you should still keep some handy for the day you go back to basics. Why not break some out today? Because it is so abundant, it can help you fill in the gaps where your stockpile of other materials falls short. In the process of mixing and matching, you may just discover a combination of building materials that provides your own signature building style.

Stay tuned for more Build With It as we focus our creative efforts on ways to incorporate purpur, prismarine, stained glass, and gold into our builds! Want to share your own creative combinations? Drop us a note along with a screenshot to to share them with us and the rest of the community.

Written By
Nova Barlow