Build with It: Stained Glass!

Check out some glassy builds

Sure, glass is great. But have you heard of stained glass? Even better! Just grab some dye, and say goodbye to plain panes – we now have a whole rainbow of shades to brighten our builds! Working with stained glass is a lot easier (and safer) than in the real world and provides a colorful way to bring our designs to life.

Need a little inspiration? Why not look around the real world – stained glass can be found in the most unexpected of locations. While “stained glass” typically brings to mind cathedrals and other religious establishments (you can find many excellent examples there), there are modern artists using these traditional materials in unexpected ways everywhere. Many stained glass installations can be found in airports. On a smaller scale, stained glass has never truly gone out of fashion, becoming popular in homes during the Victorian era as windows and fancy lamps. 

You’ve likely seen stained glass in some of your favorite community builds, but just in case you need even more creative samples, we’ve gathered a few more favorites to demonstrate how versatile this material can be. 

Coming up next, we’re interested in sea-ing what you’ve created with coral lately. Future features will highlight lapis lazuli and emerald, but you have a little bit of time to work on those. Do you have a fantastic build made from these materials that you’re ready to show off to the community? Feel free to send your screenshots (and a little information about your structure) to and you might see your work here.

Written By
Nova Barlow