Image of a modern kitchen created in Minecraft with a glowing tray ceiling, modern cabinets, large kitchen island, and tile flooring.

Build Challenge: Stylish Furnishings

Everywhere you go in life you’ll find furniture. It’s in our homes, schools, offices, libraries – you name it! Like most things in our world, furniture comes in both big and small.

Wanting to chair-ish the creativity in our community, we asked you all to send in submissions of either small-scale interiors with a maximum height of 7 blocks, or large-scale ones where everything must be above a room height of 7 blocks. Participants also had to work by themselves. Eh-hem.. Themshelves.

So, kick back in your favorite cozy chair and read on to see our top submissions!


1st place: destructor

This entry by destructor had me wanting to pack up my own place and move in immediately. This house has it all: neon accents in the living room, a gorgeous fireplace for those cold winters, indoor pool, massive bedroom, modern bathroom, and this gourmet kitchen seen below. The sheer amount of counterspace in this kitchen is *chefs kiss*. 

2nd place: Daffysamlake

Bringing rustic, woodsy charm to this challenge is Daffysamlake. Just by looking at this image you can smell the wood and feel the warmth coming from the fireplace. It makes me want to curl up with a giant mug of hot cocoa. 

3rd place: M.Yoda

With an “ultra-modern underground bunker”, M.Yoda’s submission has no windows and instead uses artificial light. To prevent an enclosed, claustrophobic feeling, they added a lot of green spaces to help remind the resident of nature and also provide fresh air. Each room was designed and furnished with a minimalistic approach and modern touches.


1st place: iTriplet

This submission by iTriplet was inspired by a real chair they placed in a forest and returned to photograph 2 years later. They decided to place a crow atop the chair after seeing one in a dream.  They named the crow Voltaire (after the famous philosopher) and the key in Voltaire’s beak is meant to symbolize knowledge.

2nd place: Nish

Forsooth! Nish has taken us to medieval times with their submission. Large wooden tables are strewn to resemble a tavern. There’s even a firepit in the middle, which is perfect for roasting meats or baking bread. 

3rd place: voov

Finally, voov’s submission is giving us lived-in realness. With a gorgeous floor lamp, shadow boxes with plants, and a majestic painting on the wall, this entry is calming, cozy, and nice to look at.

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Lindsey S.
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Lindsey S.