Image made in Minecraft of a black cat facing forward with its head in a slice of white bread, with a loaf of sliced bread to the left atop a table with white and pink checkered tablecloth.

Build Challenge: Pastry and Bread

Life is what you bake of it and, when it comes to Minecraft, sometimes you must be a real whisk-taker. You must become the slice of the party, be the very zest, but be sure to not blend the rules. When you combine all those factors together, that’s how you truly master some serious flour power.

For this challenge, participants were asked to build cakes, muffins, cookies, or bread (yum!). The build needed to be of a decent size and participants were required to work alone.

So, which ones were making our dreams crumb true? Find out below!

1st place: Prettygirl11387

Combining cats with pastries is something I didn’t know I kneaded in my loaf, but Prettygirl11387’s submission has two of my all-time favorite things and it’s glorious. There’s pie, doughnuts, croissants, and a bread cat. What more could one ask for? But, please… can someone save those cookies?

2nd place: [sith lord of vehicles]

Taking us back to a simpler time, [sith lord of vehicles] is showing us they’re ready to rise to the challenge with their submission. From the detailing on all the shops, the living quarters above, and the freshly baked loaves at the end of the delivery vehicle, it’s truly a pie-opening build. 

3rd place: voov [revens assistant]

Finally, voov [revens assistant] is giving me some serious kitchen envy. Just look at the detailing on the wall! With tiered cakes, a stove range that is just asking for some crème anglaise to be made atop of it, and delicious looking tart, I’m ready to be served up a slice. 

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Written By
Lindsey S.