Block Friday Marketplace Sale

Great discounts and a free skin pack!

Do you remember when Black Friday just used to be one day long, and actually started on a Friday? If so, hello old-timer! Welcome to our multi-day Block Friday sale. It has no respect for what day of the week it is, but a lot of respect for your wallet. Starting today, we’ll have discounts of 33% on 68 (count ‘em!) items in the Minecraft Marketplace.  

Plus, each day we’ll have two extra items we’ll be calling “doorbusters” (don’t worry, ‘doorbusters’ is marketing-speak for ‘a great daily deal’ and not ‘help! Mojang are somehow smashing down my door!’). These doorbusters will be reduced by 75% which, frankly, should be illegal. The best way to keep track of what two new doorbusters are available each day of the sale is to follow us on Twitter. Want to follow us on social media but couldn’t care less about Block Friday? Suit yourself, try our Instagram!

The sale starts on Wednesday November 27th (hey, that’s today!) and ends on Monday December 2nd (hey, that’s not today!). The day that is sort of in the middle of those is Friday, which proves we are adhering to the sacred rules of Block/Black Friday. Which is good.

Oh, I almost forgot the best discount of all, 100% off! We’re giving away a free skin pack for all versions of Minecraft that have the Minecraft Marketplace - Blockheads!

Enjoy the sale!

Tom Stone
Written By
Tom Stone