Big City Build

Submitted by MayoChips

Inspired by large American cities, the team of MayoChips, Vilehh, Limbo03, and Joeeeey (with shaders by SEUS PTGI 8) started creating their custom city approximately two years ago – and haven’t stopped building since.

“I’ve always been a fan of big-time American cities,” says MayoChips. “Lately, I’ve been in the mood to build a lot, so we started building more stuff. The city is not a real place, but the buildings are based on real ones or based on the principle of real ones. Some buildings (like the plaza hotel) are a direct copy of the real deal. For inspiration, we mainly look at New York City and Chicago.”


Thanks for sharing these, MayoChips. We look forward to seeing what you and your group create next!

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Written By
Nova Barlow