We’re back with another bi-monthly build challenge, and this one is pretty spe-shell! Our turtle theme had participants delivering snappy creations and embracing their inner shell-ebrity. 

The challenge theme asked participants to build a cute turtle with some extra space surrounding it, and participants could work in teams of up to 3. Creativity was turtle-y encouraged for this shellebration of adorable reptiles! Was that enough turtle puns? Are you sure? I could do this all day.  

1st place: GracefulPlatypus

‘Wow’ doesn’t even begin to describe the reaction I had when first seeing this. The sheer amount of detail GracefulPlatypus put into this is unreal. From the beautiful reflection and surface tension on the water to the tiny village amongst the dense forest on the back of the turtle, this submission really has it all.  

2nd place: mobslol153

The ocean depths have never looked so cool or colorful! mobslol153 did an excellent job with their submission. The jellyfish are a favorite as they look like they’re truly glowing! Nothing was going to dull the sparkle on these underwater beauties.  

3rd place: Master Chief Spartan 117

Master Chief Spartan 117’s submission, USS Turtle, is going to take us to the stars! There were giant propellers, glowing eyes, and a magnificent spaceship on the top of the shell. This robo-turtle is sure to take care of all your land, air, water, and space needs!

Interested in joining the next challenge? Check out our Discord server and what the next theme is! 

Lindsey S.
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Lindsey S.