Bi-Monthly Build Challenge: Space!

Do you ever feel like you simply blink and it’s time for another one of our bi-monthly build challenges? Because I sure do. For the second half of June, our theme was Spaceships and Space Stations. You had better strap on your rocket boots because the builds you are about to see are cosmically cool.

As usual, the challenge theme was broad and open to interpretation. The only parameters were that the builds must be of decent size, and teams of up to five were allowed.

1st place: Sander

This submission is one I just can't tear my eyes away from. Look at all that detail! Sander describes it as the Grizzly 22, which is a spacecraft carrier with multiple fight decks. The original reference used was designed by Krzysztof Rewer, but the artist added many of their own touches as well. Listen, I wasn’t that interested in space travel before, but if it’s like this? Sign me up!

2nd place: GracefulPlatypus

What an awesome looking spaceship! Could you image zipping around in this thing? Right now I cannot imagine anything cooler. Here’s a small easter egg... the artist says that “Vert” is supposed to be pronounced like the color green, in French.

3rd place: sadical

sadical is a name we’ve seen a few times around here, but can you blame me? Look at this! The detail! The background! I am still trying to get my jaw off the ground. The artist describes this build as an “ISS inspired station with X-wing fighters and miniature space cruisers”. With laser beams as an add-on feature, of course. 

Interested in joining the next challenge? Then choo choo choo on over to our Discord server and check it out. Because – you guessed it! The next theme is: Train Stations!

Kristina Horner
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Kristina Horner