Bi-Monthly Build Challenge: Pride!

Is it already Bi-Monthly Build Challenge time again? Turns out the answer is: yes! It’s time to feast your eyes upon another set of beautiful, themed builds made by members of the Minecraft Discord server. For the first half of June, we decided to celebrate Pride! In honor of Pride month, these community members went for the boldest, brightest builds they could muster. Each one comes with a bit of a personal message as well, for a small taste of exactly how they interpreted the challenge.

As usual, the challenge theme was broad and open to interpretation. The only parameters were to build something colorful and of significant size. Teams of up to five were allowed.

"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself." - Harvey Fierstein

1st place: sadical

The instant we saw this sculpture, we knew we had found our winner. From the realism captured in the features, to the effortless looking sash draped across her shoulder to all of the intricate details in terms of the floral, heart and magical decorations, this is a build that’ll stick in your mind long after you’ve stopped looking at it. Anyone else want a statue of it in their house? Like their real house? Congratulations to sadical on a stunning winning build.

A note from sadical: “Happy pride month! I built this sculpture as a representation of fully embracing yourself and empowerment. Enjoy!”

2nd Place: Strangersss

Our second place winner also went the sculpture route, though it’s incredible how different the two submissions turned out. The delicate hair in stunning yellows, greens and blues combined with the dramatic pose of the model in the central entity’s hand really stand out in this piece.

A note from Strangersss: “I, alongside 5 Frame Studios ... wanted to address the LGBTQIA+ community particularly and wish them a remarkable month! The central entity is who you are, they show your true colours and real self. The falling person represents the uncertainty and the way you stumble into cycles of denial of identity until your authentic self resurfaces, therefore the hand paints the image of when you're finally at peace with yourself – when you're no longer at loss. The mask is meant to characterize being able to detach yourself from who you were pretending to be, putting up appearances in order to be accepted by society, whilst the acceptance that matters the most is embracing yourself. Being perceived as different has always been hard, but there's also a positive side to it too; we're all unique.”

3rd Place: Unknownymous

And third place is this stunning array of color. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen as much stuff crammed into a build as this one, and it’s truly a feast for the eyes. It’s also a bit of a search-and-find activity to look at, hunting for all of the different LGBTQIA+ pride flags hidden throughout the room.

A note from Unknownymous: “Other than [Pride], the other major theme is innocence and childishness which I feel are really important as well. As people get older they often grow a lot more judgmental and condemning - of course, that's not always the case, but often they'll push things they enjoyed behind them just because they're older. I decided to add little blocks, a puzzle piece floor and some cars around the floor with small stools that are probably too small even for Goldilocks (oops). The table itself is short for the same reason too! It's meant to be 'accessible to all', while also encouraging just accepting inner emotions more freely."

Interested in joining the next challenge? Then jump on over to our Discord server and check it out. Is it cheesy to say the next challenge is going to be... out of this world? Because – you guessed it! -- the theme is: Spaceships and Space Stations.

Kristina Horner
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Kristina Horner