Bi-Monthly Build Challenge: Fantasy Book

Which building has the most stories? The library! I’ve loved books ever since I was a kid and throughout my life have been a frequent visitor to both school and local libraries. Books are a wonderful way to escape to new worlds, explore, and learn new things about our-shelves. It’s only fitting that this Bi-Monthly Build Challenge be Fantasy Books.

Participants were required to create a build of a decent size, work individually, and use a book as the base of their design. Let’s see which ones were a real page-turner!

1st place: ChomChom

Dragons, trains, and hot air balloons, oh my! ChomChom’s submission was doing all of the write things. All of the exciting elements shown here really had me feeling like I was in a land of never-ending stories. 

2nd place: voov

We all know the Arthurian legend about pulling Excalibur from the stone, but what about from a stone in a book?! voov’s submission had me feeling like royalty. This is definitely one book to rule them all.

3rd place: Za Warudo

Za Warudo submitted a rather peaceful fantasy book, and it’s a place so gorgeous I’d definitely take a shelfie! From the blossoming trees, ornate details with the roofing and building façade, and the colors, this is the place to be to start a new chapter. 

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Written By
Lindsey S.