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Bi-Monthly Build Challenge: End Cities!

Over on our Minecraft community Discord server, the superb Mod team runs a bi-monthly build challenge for any intrepid crafters, builders, or dabblers willing to try their hand at the theme.

For the first half of May, that theme was “Revamped End City”. The only rules were that all submissions had to be built in The End and could only be built by a single person. 

What’s your dream version of an End City? Structures made of glass? Giant treehouses? Or maybe you’re more of the dirt-city type? Regardless of your own personal preference, it’s time to hold on tight, because we’re about to take a ride through the cities of our top three winners!

1st Place: TBPieYT

We’re not even sure what part of this city is our favorite! The giant purple trees? The cool twisty design of the towers? That epic boat? Let’s just say we know where we are planning our next vacation... and it’s right here, in the revamped End City of our first-place winner!

2nd Place: GracefulPlatypus 

The best way to describe this city is, well, colorful! So very colorful! What would you give to walk across that skybridge? We hope you don’t have a fear of heights!

3rd Place: ItsEnderkiller2

What could be better than a floating city? This build cleverly uses propellers to make everything seem a bit more floaty. The creator told us it was their first time making a dragon or a ship, and we’ve just got to say... we’re impressed.

Congratulations to everyone who submitted their builds to the challenge. Our mods have informed us that judging this contest is no easy feat! Our community is nothing if not creative.

Interested in joining the next challenge? Put on your dancing shoes and boogie on over to our Discord server and check it out. And come hungry... because the theme is birthday cakes! 

Kristina Horner
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Kristina Horner