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Best of /r/Minecraft 2016!

The annual awards are out!

What’s this? It’s the new year! And that means /r/Minecraft’s Best of 2016 awards! The holidays might be over, but there are real gems in there worth looking at.

The winner of the Best Build category is the sprawling urban expanse of Broville, which was four and a half years in the making, and about which young Marsh told the story just a few weeks ago. But don’t miss Rajkkor’s Mr Ratoyo's Moving Toystore, which is a stunning imaginative piece that neatly nods to Howl’s Moving Castle. Thumbs up!

I really like the two Best Artwork finalists that are based on drawing a piece based on a screenshot. Beautifully atmospheric, especially Tasty_Y’s piece. Lovely, and also the winner!

The Contraptions category is also a treat. Now, the Atari 2600 emulator is just incredible. But like the judges, for me the Automatic Tunnel Bore Machine is where it’s at, because it’s all constructed from the base game and it’s useful! Kind of useful. Just a fantastic achievement.

Oh wow, now I’m super looking forward to next year’s awards! Get making!

Alex Wiltshire
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Alex Wiltshire

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