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Image featuring the three options players can vote for in the 2022 Minecraft Live Mob Vote, from left to right: the Sniffer which somewhat resembles a platypus with brick red hair topped with additional teal green hair across the back, the Rascal, that is a teal-ish creature standing on two legs holding a backpack, and the tuff golem that is a grey stone looking golem holding a red package

Best Mob Vote Tutorials

Minecraft Live 2022 is right around the corner, and with that comes everyone’s favorite time-honored tradition: the mob vote! But as you might have heard, things are a little different this year.

Did you think we’d let you venture off into the unknown all by yourself? Of course not! Here we have a collection of ten educational videos created by some of our bright and shining Minecraft community members. They’ve volunteered to hold your hand all the way to the lever where you can vote for the sniffer, the rascal, or the tuff golem and help make Minecraft history!

First up we have this delightful video by WildGoat, which is the most enthusiastic walkthrough you may ever see. Watch this one if you need some help getting hyped for the show on Saturday. We love her energy! 

PotatoPie25’s walkthrough goes a bit more in depth about each  mob if you still need some help making up your mind.

Of course, we couldn’t ignore our friends on TikTok! If vertical videos are more your thing, check out these videos by katiegeecakes, cosevie and ktmh96. Short on time? They manage to explain everything you need to know in thirty seconds or less, which is extremely impressive. Kate has mastered the art of the TikTop loop, cosevie wins the award for the best sweater, and Katie’s adorable avatar feels like a friend showing you around.

Want to take a trip to the wild west to learn how to vote? WildWestDan’s video has you covered! 

If you want to further explore some of the fun corners of the mob vote map, check out GameFruitPulp’s video! 

This video by F1RECRACKR takes particular care to walk you through all the ways to vote, even if you don’t have Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Not sure if you’re going to vote at all? Phinneapoo takes a democratic approach in his video, reminding us all of the importance of making our voice heard.  

And last (but certainly not least) we have this short and sweet how-to from JaneyLaney and her trusty sidekick Steve....n?

If you’ve made it this far, you should now be an absolute expert on how to vote for your favorite mobs. In fact, you deserve a gold star. Here, put it on! It looks great!

Now take that gold star, show it to your friends, and teach them how to vote! We’re counting on you!

Happy Minecraft Live 2022! May the best mob win!

Kristina Horner
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Kristina Horner

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